People travel all the time. Traveling is a part of the job for some of them and they are always on the move, and practically live out of their suitcases. For some others, it is an annual routine, to take off to some beautiful and exotic location, stay on for a few days and get back to routine. For certain people, traveling is a must! They love to go off to new places, as often as possible and experience all the beauty of that place, indulge in adventures and so on. I belong to the category of people, who travel to beautiful locations once or twice a year, spend a few days there, and are back to the routine life.

Best escape

Since I don’t travel too often, whenever I do, it is the best escape for me from the monotony of routine life. We are so busy in our everyday lives that we just keep running around to finish our tasks, one after the other and in the process, most of the times we just forget to enjoy the little things around us. How many of us can actually boast of being able to savour the break of dawn, a beautiful sunset, a bright full moon night? My guess is, not many of us have the time to enjoy the same. Our commitments, the deadlines are all the hindrances for us.

For me, travelling is the antidote for all this. Some may say; that even while we travel for work or leisure, we are on the go, from one location to another. Be it for sightseeing or just reaching the destination. Yes we are, but I would say that we still have the choice to slow down, and admire the beauty around us. While on a holiday, I could bask in the glory of the morning sun, with a cup of coffee in my hand and listen to the chirping of the birds (if I am in some remote location).  Would we have such a choice in our daily lives? I guess not.

Self Discovery

Moreover, I can confidently say that every time I have traveled, I have discovered something new about myself; it could be the most minuscule thing. But yet, it happens. On my recent holiday, I did something out of my comfort zone, for the first time, much to the surprise of myself and my family members. It was just a reaffirmation for me that once we set our minds to something, nothing is impossible.

A trip to a foreign land often makes me learn new things about their culture, their lifestyle which is probably so different from my own. On certain occasions I have come across people who surprise me with all that they endure regularly for the sake of their livelihood.

I could cite many lessons from my travel trips, whether it was learning to stay calm when I was on the verge of being deplaned at my transit point or enduring absolutely cold weather, without being well-prepared for it, warding off motion sickness on a boat cruise or even surviving on unpalatable food for a couple of days on account of my own restricted choice of food. These things may seem very common but in routine life, they serve as reminders to me, of what I am capable of.

So much to see

Travel for me, is spending time exclusively with loved ones, without distraction. It is time alone with friends or family and sometimes it helps me reconnect with my childhood as well. It is a prerequisite for me in life. There is so much beauty in this world; vast oceans, magnificent snow capped mountains, beautiful valleys filled with flowers, unexplored land with minimal urbanization and even manmade wonders. Be if the beautiful beaches of Seychelles, Maldives or Goa, the mountain ranges of the Alps or the Himalayas, the ever so beautiful English countryside or the culturally rich cities of India, every place has its own relevance and a lifetime may be insufficient to see all of it. But being able to visit even some of these places rather than just seeing postcards of them is a privilege.

Nothing equals travel experiences

For me, traveling is not only about selfies or good pictures, it is an escape plan and in some cases, is a dose of self improvement too.  No classroom sessions, no amount of pampering in a salon or chilling away in a pub can accomplish for me, what traveling to a new place can.

As  Rumi said “Travel brings power and love back into your life”.


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