All of us encounter different people in our lives; some in the form of friends, some as mentors & some as mere acquaintances. However, at various stages of our lives, there may be few people who tend to be much more special than the others. They could be just friends or someone who means more than that.

Parting ways is unavoidable

We wish that we never part with these people and that they stay on with us forever. But, for obvious reasons, that is not the case always. Sometimes, we have to deal with separation, owing to death or sometimes just out of circumstances or our own will. When the reason of severance is death, we have no choice but to move on with our lives. But when we are disconnected due to circumstances, then sometimes we tend to hold on to the relationship in the hope that things may turn around. In some cases, people tend to latch on to someone in the hope of developing a relationship. But certain things are just not meant to happen. Instead of accepting the fact that some people may not be destined to be a part of one’s life, & to keep hoping that things might just work out, is like setting oneself up for disappointment.

Fairy tale endings are not for everyone

Yes it is tough to believe that you are just not enough or right for someone; to acknowledge that someone you love so deeply prefers to choose another person over you.  But if that is the case, there is no running away from it. By not accepting someone’s absence from our life, we are only causing more distress to ourselves. The acknowledgement of a failed relationship or lost love is a short term pain. But hoping for a resurrection of the relationship or reappearance of the same love is asking for disappointment over & over again. Living in denial about a situation doesn’t change the situation. It only makes it worse for us in the long run.

How much and how far can you run away from reality? The world doesn’t end at one person. Every life doesn’t have a fairy tale ending where Cinderella finds her Prince. In some cases, either the Prince never shows up or sometimes he just moves on

Moving on is difficult but not impossible.  

Life too is about moving on. God gave us this life, for us to live it fully with happiness & joy; not to be sulking over someone who fortunately or unfortunately is not a part of your life anymore. Although it is easier said than done, it is not impossible.

Remember, what is yours will stay with you effortlessly and what is not yours will go away even with all the efforts under the sun. So know when to give up and how much to try and learn to live your life as if nobody or nothing makes a difference.

9 oct 17

You are worthy of all the happiness & love. Seek love, seek happiness. Spread love, spread happiness. Life is not limited to one person, one relationship or one achievement.  There is always something better waiting to unfold, if only one has the willingness for it.



4 thoughts on “What is gone, will not be back.

      1. Excellent….reminded me of the good old adage ” God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”.

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