An early morning walk, on a pleasant winter morning, with the headphones in place cutting out all the noise; listening to a speech of one of the most well-known motivational speakers is one of the most positive ways to begin the day.Irrespective of whether one believes in all the positivity talks that the motivational speakers give or whether one wants to follow the tips/lessons/advice that are shared by them, one should nevertheless listen to these talks once in a while. The passion with which they speak about having a positive mindset, making changes to one’s thoughts and thereby altering one’s lives, etc. etc. may seem too elementary and yet too good to be true. To some, it may all seem unachievable and difficult to practice. Nevertheless, such talks definitely uplift the mood of a person. Suddenly a mundane task of changing dirty linen into fresh ones and clearing cobwebs seems pleasant. Just because of the passion with which these speakers express the ideas and thoughts.Although, the steps suggested involve a certain amount of efforts, these orators make it seem really simple. The ease and energy with which these things are communicated makes you want to drop everything and start working on those very things ( I am a firm believer in the fact that changing the thoughts can change lives). However, not everyone may agree to these or want to take the necessary steps.Irrespective of believing these advices or wanting to implement them, it seems like a very nice way to start the day. When we begin our day with such positive vibes and thoughts, we tend to carry the positivity throughout the day and thereby handle stress relatively well. Listening to these orations could be like listening to radio. Although we may not remember every song that we listen to, one or two of them just lingers on in our minds and we even end up humming a tune or two. Likewise, positivity too may just linger on.Try it; it may not be a bad idea, after all.


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