It is a pity how some people think that they are learned enough and know it all. On the contrary, I presume that there is actually so much to learn, if only one was open to it; from meanings of words in a language, to an entire language altogether, new skills, new traits & even attitudes to deal with the vagaries of life.

If one is curious enough to ask questions, (someone needs to be patient enough to answer them too) seemingly simple everyday things too can lead to knowledge enhancement. When you spend some time in the company of a small child, you realize that the child asks numerous questions relentlessly. Most of us still have that child in us. But most of the time, out of a fear of being ridiculed or to avoid seeming stupid, we let those questions be, refrain from asking and either stop seeking answers or form our own perceptions. Perceptions that may be false too.

It makes sense to seem stupid, be curious and seek answers rather than continue with the ignorance of the subject. Simply put, if one is content with status quo, then their existence would be similar to the frog in the well; limited & oblivious to the changes in the world. The choice is simple and clear, dive into the sea of knowledge or be stuck like the frog in the well.



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