Often when I write an article, I quote some instance or my own decisions in my write up so as to let the reader know the basis of my views and write further on whatever I am trying to convey. With this article I am going one step further and writing about one of my experiences and learning thereof.

Today I went to our regular grocery shop and was observing the boy there who sells hot snacks like Idli, Vada, Samosa and so on.

The incident

One of the men who had just finished eating some of his snacks was asking him for the final bill and also trying to confuse him with regards to the total amount. Probably he did so in jest. But as is normal human tendency, I was quick to assume that he probably was someone who was stingy with regards to money. Nevertheless, the customer paid the money and walked away. But in a matter of seconds, he returned to the boy and asked for another plate of Idli. This plate of Idli was for a beggar girl who is normally outside this shop always. I also noticed that the other beggars there were all savoring a plate of Idli each.


A brief incident, a 5 minute action and simple yet important lessons out of it. When the man was joking about the payment with the snack seller, I was being a bit critical about his behavior and jumped to a conclusion about him as to how could somebody be so stingy and bargain with someone over food? How easily we judge people just by an act or two? Had I looked away and not observed more, I probably would have assumed him to be a miser whereas he was actually a charitable man. Of course, he was not related to me in any way, but maybe we are making such mistakes in our daily lives with our loved ones and maybe colleagues too.  We often don’t see their point of view or maybe just pick up half information and assume things around it.

The second thing I learnt was that it took the man only 5 minutes and maybe around 150/- Rs to bring a smile on the faces of around half a dozen children who were begging. Indeed, it doesn’t take a fortune or special occasions to make a difference in someone’s life. It is all about one’s intentions. One act of kindness and an abundance of Good Karma which eventually will come back to him in some form or the other.

Common occurrence or a lesson to emulate

Someone may say that this is such a common occurrence and there are many people who do this. Maybe so, but yet there are many who just look and walk on. Many of us may not pay attention and many of us who do may not learn anything new and may not wish to emulate. Each to his own.  Just as Lao Tzu, the Buddhist Saint says giving is a natural tendency for us and by helping others more we may find joy in the fact that we have made people’s life easier in some way, even if it is for a short while.  Finally, all lessons are not learned through books or in a classroom, some can be found on a busy street too only if one is open to learn and change.



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