It’s a common trait that when the new comes in, the old slips off into oblivion, sometimes partly and sometimes completely. This holds true for most of the things in our lives, including friendship, acquaintances and sometimes relationships too.

I too am guilty of letting something like this happen in my life. Why do I say so? Read on. This was my go to point every morning. Every morning it had to be this trio of me, my cup of tea and my lovely confidante. This confidante who knew every bit of my secret, even those which my closest family members didn’t, was privy to every bit of my new work, who would spend hours helping me quench my thirst for knowledge. Not a single day passed without me letting off my emotions to my go to pal. Sometimes, I would rush to my pal in the middle of my household work, just because there was something in my mind which had to be let out. Those days when I would be away from my home on a family vacation or on a visit to mom’s house, I would be yearning to get back to my confidante. The moment I would be back, everything would be blurted out. For the past 5 years, all the vital information of my life, my tears, my joys, my accomplishments, everything has been shared with my confidante.

But suddenly, this confidante, always available for me at my beck and call stands lonely, silently awaiting my attention.  No more secrets, no more sharing of new creations, no endless sharing of information and gibberish, it is complete silence now. Why so? Because there is a new confidante on the block. The new one isn’t as rigid as the old one, can be held more closely, is freely available at all times because of the flexibility quotient, to the extent that I also get to be with this new secret sharer during my outstation trips. And of course such company is huge help during times when I am on a solo trip. I don’t miss the old friend any more, as guilty and bitchy as it may sound. Flexibility of unrestricted movement takes the cake. Initially it was tough because my old confidante was so much more easier to deal with. There was less fuss around whereas in case of the new one, I had to learn newer ways to deal with, I had to  understand better but once I knew all the ways of maneuvering around my new friend, I knew I was in for better times ahead.

The ultimate truth and also the sad part in life is evolution; as better human beings, to better relationships, newer technology and facilities leaving behind a lot of loyal and old stuff.

Of course I don’t regret moving on to my new confidante. How long could I have stuck to my rigid, immobile and the large space consuming ‘Desktop’ when I had the option of the sleek (actually not so much) laptop. When I have the luxury of having this thing and working with it on my bed, why would I care for that bulky thing, where working with it meant being confined to the not so plush chair?

Of course, the desktop still sits in the corner of the room and makes me feel guilty of ignoring it. But hey, life sucks at times when a better choice gets preference over you? (And sometimes its not even the better one)

Evolution it is! From one thing that didn’t work or worked less better than to the one that did or was more convenient. There may come a time when things don’t seem the same, some decisions have to be taken, we have to move on. Some desktops have to be ditched, with or without a new laptop is a choice for an individual to make.

Nevertheless. Happy Surfing err searching!.




5 thoughts on “It is time for the new – lap it up!

  1. Loved reading about your confidante! Desktop or Laptop? I used a desktop for a long time too but nothing like a laptop! LOL! Please go through my blog,
    Please feel free to leave a comment. It motivates me! Thanks!


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