There is a saying that ‘ A man is known by the company he keeps’ and I like to take it further by saying that my writing is often influenced by what I read. So in my case, the influence of the author that I read reflects in my work.

To explain this further, I just finished reading a novel by one of my most favorite authors Nicholas Sparks. For those, who don’t know about him, he writes in the genre of romance. But he is a master at expression of human emotions. Every time while reading his books, I have gone back into my life, reviewed my actions / reactions to the relationships / friendships of my life.

His latest novel had such moments too. The main protagonist of this story is diagnosed with a disease, the same that her father had died of. Having been with her father during his last days, she knew how her health would deteriorate and what would be the maximum that she would live.

Made me wonder as to what one would do if they got to know that they had a definite period of life left. Maybe regret about the missed moments, try to seek forgiveness for wrong done, if any, be more forgiving of those who may have wronged or one perceived it to be wrong, try & have more fun, spend more time with loved ones, spread love and a couple of more things too maybe.

But then, do we really need to know the date of our death to be able to do all this? What is stopping us from doing all this right now? Our busy schedule? Our rigid mindset? Our procrastination? Our ego?

Can we just not try to and keep work aside and try and spend more time with loved ones? Do we have to hold grudges against others? Can we not be more forgiving for the wrongs done? After all, Karma always settles scores, isn’t it? It doesn’t always take too much to love. Sometimes, just a bit of empathy and care, with the boundaries of our own well-being in place. Can we be a bit more caring and a little less judgmental about the people around us?

When we make our days count or matter, the length of our life becomes irrelevant. Isn’t it about how well we lived rather than how long we lived?

What then are we waiting for? Not for the information on the date of our death or about our life that is remaining on this planet? Are we? What if we never get the time or intimation just like the many before us who didn’t?

The time is NOW, to love, to have fun, to forgive and be kind, without waiting, without regretting.



2 thoughts on “Making the days of our lives count

  1. Very well brought out. Kudos.
    Yes, there is no time to regret in life. Just live in the moment. However, I must confess that it is not so easy to let go certain things. Human nature, you see!
    Well done.


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