What a sight it is to watch a mother sparrow feed a morsel of grain into the mouth of a baby sparrow! This is not a scene from a documentary on National Geographic or Discovery channel. I happened to witness this love between the sparrows from my balcony.

In spite of living in the midst of a concrete jungle, I am privy to such scenes sometimes including a squirrel relishing some food grains while holding it with both hands and balancing itself of its two feet and sometimes a friendly squabble between two parrots or pigeons.

It is sad that more often than not, most of us are unable to cherish such sights and in some cases, even witness them. In an effort to multitasking our roles, moving from one chore to another, meeting deadlines, beating traffic blues, handling subordinates, delegating work, binge watching web series, not many of us are able to enjoy those small moments of joy and bliss.

While in some cases, there are no more trees left for sparrows and squirrels to laze upon, there are cases when one is glued to the screen so much that the presence of these little things in their midst goes unnoticed too.

In awe of God’s creations

Maybe for some, there is nothing grand or unusual about watching things of nature but yet it seems like a good idea to be in awe of God’s creation. Each of them is a reminder of what God is capable of and watching the other beings is also a gentle reminder of how lucky we are to be born what we are. The types of resources and knowledge we have to access to is unbelievable and yet it seems like humanity in general is causing more harm than good to Nature.

The screens in our lives may have nothing new to offer. It is pretty much predictable and known to us. But nature, in all its glory is worth a watch. It is full of surprises, joy and positivity. So the next time while driving back from car, if one is in a passenger seat, it may be a good idea to move away from the screen and watch at the beautiful sunset outside. While it is the same sun and the same sky, there might still be something different each day.

Value and enjoy what we have

Let us try cherish what God has made for us, let us be kind to the beings around us and let us value Mother Nature and hold them in good stead. Wouldn’t it boring to just be living among huge skyscrapers without a single bit of green in sight? Wouldn’t it be boring to be just listen to the nonstop chatter of humans and honking of cars, without a wee bit of the noise of sparrows or even crickets? Wouldn’t it boring to just be cocooned in the malls and buildings all the while without getting a whiff of any fresh air? How could one miss the sight of the full moon night filled with stars, like a school classroom filled with students looking attentively at the teacher?

Don’t you agree that it’s time to stop reading my descriptions of all these beautiful sights and go find some yourself? Go for it! Happy viewing!

Nature is a treasure trove of joy and positivity.


2 thoughts on “Simple Observations – Newer Lessons II

  1. Well written.
    You are right. It’s the little hidden things that bring joy not the obvious and big. Like the small fingers of a new born child or that small puppy!!
    Nature issues enough warnings to us but we chose to ignore. Covid has warned us again to wake up before it’s too late.
    Keep writing.


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