It has been a little over a month of having brought our furry baby home. After the initial adjustments, we as in the family members and our baby, are aware of our schedules and seem to have adjusted well.

But in the initial days it was obviously tough, mainly because we were new to each other. One such incident is still fresh in my mind. It was about 4 days after we got her home. When we got her (Coco) home, she was about 45 days. The place where she lived earlier belonged to a Maharashtrian. I being a Tamilian, out of a habit would converse with Coco in Tamil & English. Needless to say, both of us were in the process of learning to communicate with each other.

For no apparent reason , she began whimpering badly. I picked her up, held her close tightly. In no time, she was comforted and her whimpering stopped. No words, just a warm embrace; which also was an assurance that she didn’t have to worry because I was there.

Maybe it holds true for us humans too. Sometimes it is not the words, or the way they are expressed but the mere presence of support and comfort that maybe needed and may matter. We may not always need to offer solutions rather just listen sometimes.


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