My cute little furry baby Coco is 2 months old and is quite happy to look at the sights from our balcony. She loves looking at the birds flying here and there, tries to nibble a leaf from mama’s plants (and is always unsuccessful, thanks to mama’s watchful eyes) but gets equally petrified of the sound of the dogs barking below. Since she is too tiny to slip from between the railings of the balcony she is never allowed to be in the balcony alone.

So the day when Mama skeptically leaves the balcony window open, Coco happily walks upon to the balcony.  But she cannot cross the threshold of the balcony on her own yet. So just like Simba is standing at the top of the hill top in The Lion King, our baby too stands, soaking in the sights.

While Coco is happy at her new found access to the balcony, the pigeons and the squirrel who are regular visitors are worried about this invasion to their space & are gone as soon as they spot Coco. So even while being incapable of stepping into the balcony independently, being petrified of the barking dogs below, there is still a gleeful expression at being able to scare the others away.

Ah! The joy of feeling powerful & the sadistic pleasure of being in control, even though not entirely worthy of it.

Maybe, it is so with Hoomans too.


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