Many of us here, who have indulged in some gardening in the past or have a garden even now, will agree to my below experiences about plants.

Having newly ventured into gardening, there have been many heartbreaks with regards to the plants. Since I cannot claim to have a green thumb, the failures on my part can only be accepted. So here I go and buy a nice looking Rose plant and plant it in a big sized pot. After nurturing it painstakingly (and ignoring it at times), there are lovely blooms in the plant. Mission accomplished! Yay! So while I enjoyed those blooms in my balcony, there came a time when the plant shed all its leaves and all that was left was just the branches of the plant. Whether it is plants, pet or human relationships, to lose one after nurturing it with our heart and soul, is painful.

I didn’t give up hope and I nurtured it. Soon, I could see new leaves coming out and the plant was back into full bloom.

Some just don’t bloom

One would wonder what is special about my rose plant that it led to an article. It is not the rose plant, but the lessons that I learnt, that are special.

More often than not, we come across people in our lives whom we trust, we enjoy being with and we visualize having this person around for all our lives. But that is not always possible. Sometimes people just move on to newer places and newer people and sometimes we have to look the other side. The reason; they may not be reciprocating or investing in the relationship as much as we are. As mentioned earlier, sometimes it is deeply painful to lose someone after nurturing their relationship for weeks or months or years. Yet, sometimes we cling on. At times, things turn around for the best and some other times, it is all over. Just like a Rose plant, there are some relationships, which despite all the hard work, don’t bloom.

So what do we do? What do you think I would have done if my Rose plant hadn’t bloomed all over again? Would I have given up on Roses or gardening? Would I stop nurturing the other plants because now I know that sooner or later every plant dies? Would I enjoy the sight of the blooms while they last and be happy, even if the happiness is short lived?

New plants, continuous efforts

Likewise, there will be people who may betray us, ridicule us, constantly criticize us and some may never reciprocate our kindness, our love and our genuineness. So? Do we stop being kind, should we stop loving or do we move away from doing what makes us happy? Despite the debacles, we continue to add new plants to our garden with the hope that we will be able to nurture the plants. Likewise, we can only continue to be the good human that we are, in the hope that we meet the right kind of people who value us and are happy to have us in their lives.

What if one Rose plant dies? We wouldn’t destroy our entire garden for it, right? Likewise, what if one person doesn’t value us or one relationship doesn’t work? The garden has other plants which provide greenery and beauty. And in the same way, there are other relationships which provide support and happiness to us in our lives.

There is not just one.

The choice is for us to choose our plant (read relationships here) and put our heart and soul into it. If it is destined to bloom, it will and if it is not, doesn’t matter. The garden is not made up of one plant and its survival cannot be decided by one plant. Likewise, our lives too cannot depend on one relationship. We ought to move on, never give up on being kind and loving others. Even if it is a temporary one, the sight of a full bloomed rose plant is a feast to watch. As long as we remember, that everything is transient and can only give us happiness for a while, we will be able to stay unaffected or lift ourselves up again, even if the plant withers away.


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