My furry baby is now old enough to make the required noise to scare off someone. She takes pride in this new quality of hers and has begun to stay alert all the time. So even while she is asleep, the slightest of noise in the balcony will lead to a barely audible ‘woof’. This can soon turn into a loud bark.

One afternoon, after lunch, she was very sleepy and barely could keep her eyes open. Despite that she refused to sleep. The reason – she thought she had spotted something at the balcony which led to her slow barks. No amount of my cajoling helped and she was pacing the room restlessly. After a few minutes, she stepped on to the bed and continued staring at the balcony, still uneasy.

Just then a thought occurred and recalling the old adage ‘Out of sight, out of mind’, I drew the curtains. With the balcony out of her sight, she settled and in no time, she was fast asleep.

I realized that sometimes, stepping away from a perceived problem is such an easy way to keep overthinking at bay. If the problem actually shows up or persists, stepping away for a while may give a fresher perspective and thereby a practical solution.

It would be so awesome if humans could also just ignore a so called problem and get into a deep slumber in a jiffy.


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