Many of us come across a lot of quotes on a daily basis. I too love to read such quotes and in fact, I have a collection of them, which I refer to, on and off. Some of them act as a momentary source of motivation but some of them make me wonder if whatever is mentioned in the quote is really possible. The following quotes fall in the category of the latter. However, the year that has passed taught me the meaning of these words.

For many of us, a particular year may be etched in our memory or be a landmark year for probably a key personal event, a major career progression or something life altering. But for me, this year is memorable just for the experiences over the last twelve months. The experiences of meeting so many legends, some of whom I wouldn’t even have heard of. The experiences which led me to a breakdown, those which strengthened and also some of those which humbled me. Whether it was an office that I visited, or a reunion celebration that I witnessed; these were some of the things that I couldn’t even have envisioned. The reason being, these were places or events that were exclusive to a certain profession and not for public, at large. For all practical purposes and technically, I wasn’t a part of that fraternity. These exceptional experiences made me realise that the journey is indeed more important than the destination.

Also, every time I had a breakdown and on certain occasions, I was on the verge of giving up, I would recall why I got on to it in the first place. The next day, I would get on to it, with more vengeance and determination. And I understood the meaning of this quote. When I would read this earlier, I would wonder how could someone come back stronger after a setback. But now I know, the ingredient that makes you come back stronger after every setback or challenge is your passion towards your dream/goal.

While I remain anxious as to how my maiden venture about the legend would turn out, I have been repeatedly complimented merely on the task that I have taken on. And I progress on the task with the belief that God never gives us anything we cannot handle.

One may ask, what is the purpose of this post? Just to serve as a reminder, that what we hear, read or say casually may not be all that insignificant. In the roller coaster ride of our life, every bit just adds up. All experiences are indeed lessons.

Wishing everyone an eventful and peaceful 2023. May God be kind to each one of us and may we all do our bit to spread the kindness further.


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