Most of the things in our lives are simple. But, sadly we human beings make everything complex. God just created us and taught us to love each other. We put up compartments around us where people fit and cared for them accordingly; compartments such as a parent, a sibling, a partner, an offspring or a friend. As long as somebody fits in any one of these, you are right in adoring them. But if you are in awe of someone who ideally doesn’t befit any of these compartments, but is close to your heart, for reasons unknown to you too, you cannot do much about it.

I have chanced upon many people in my life, who touched me in peculiar ways, they didn’t do anything atypical for me but I still felt allied to them in a much stronger way than I did to others. It would have meant the world to me, if these people had played a larger role in my life, or stayed for a longer time. But I couldn’t ‘label’ my relationship with them, they didn’t fit into any of those ‘compartments’ and they are there, just as contacts on my phone, whom I wish on special days and who I write to, occasionally.

It is so simple, to wish to be connected to someone you want to stay attached to, irrespective of the fact whether that person is married or not, a gay or a lesbian, a sophisticated person or otherwise. All that matters is your ease of conversations with that person. Why does one need to worry whether the family of that person would approve the acquaintance or not or one’s own family would do so or not?

I am uncertain if this is just so in the conservative society that I grew up in or is it so in all societies and cultures. But maybe, humans would be less frustrated and be happier if they could opt to stay associated to the people they liked, regardless of whether they fit in the so-called compartments or not.

In my opinion, a bond between two people, where they heed to each other, do things and wish for each other’s happiness and well-being, must be cherished and nurtured. As long as it is not harming anybody else, it is the adoration that matters, not the compartments, the definition or the tag of the relationships. After all it is the love for fellow beings that makes the world a better place to live in.

Spreading hatred is easy & effortless. But, sadly, we tend to hold back love & affection, without expressing it freely. The feeling of love is a blessed one that is supposed to cut across boundaries, caste and religion. It should never be hard to pick who you want to care for; neither should it be tough to express your affection to someone, irrespective of your association with them


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