The New Year is here!

For some people, it signifies new beginnings, new goals, and new achievements, in their professional or personal lives. Contrarily, a few people rebuke the excitement of the New Year saying that it is just another year. My question then is what stops such people from making this year a remarkable year for them too?

Make this an important year too

Most of the times, our life is what we create out of it; a series of consequences of the choices that we make. Certainly, there are times when circumstances are beyond our control, yet the way we react to them and what we choose in such situations has a lasting impact on our lives.

Likewise, we tend to train ourselves to follow certain routines, as per societal norms. At times, we do this out of a need for security; a feeling that since everyone is doing it, it must be right or it would be safer. However, there might be times when a routine or a monotonous life seems boring and devoid of motivation.  What is it that is missing? Maybe somewhere in the back of the mind, is a wish that is unfulfilled, a dream that is waiting to be achieved or a passion that has been ignored. The daily hectic schedule in our lives often forces us to push our dreams/passion to the rear and our responsibilities become our key focus in life. Taking out some time to do what you love and pursue your dreams is bound to bring excitement into a dull life. Thereby, making you look forward to each day and each year of your life.

Never too late to start

Not every person is born successful neither does everyone have an early start. From childhood, I had a penchant for ‘words’; whether they were in the form of stories, short poems or lyrics in a song. Yet, only in my 40s did I realize that maybe I should pursue my hobby of writing and let other people read what I write.  And here I am trying to put my thoughts into words and passing it on to others. At times what I write is just an emotional outburst, sometimes it is sharing my experiences and now and then I just write few words of motivation. Whatever the case maybe, it still is a fulfilling thing.

Similarly, a couple of days back; I attended a show by a standup comedian. This person also happens to be the CEO; a full-time professional during the day and a standup comedian, at other occasions. He too started doing what he loves, only in his 40s. (No, I am not promoting 40s as the lucky age group).  I am just trying to say from my personal experience, that it’s never too late to start. As clichéd as it may sound, it is a fact.

It will not be a cakewalk

Yes, there will be troubles initially. For instance, you will have to balance your time for your daily commitments as well as your hobby. That’s where the true test for your passion lies. If you are really passionate about your dreams and intend to do something about it, you will find the right balance.  Like Paulo Coelho says ‘When you want something, all the universe conspires you to achieve it.’ It’s your intention that matters the most.

The fact remains that you may not attain success in the first instance or overnight. There may be failures and people may discourage or ridicule you. But remember, these opinions are what they think of you, not necessarily the reality. What you are capable of, is hidden within you and only you can judge what you are worthy of.

Robin Sharma has a few words of wisdom in this regard; ‘Every Master was once a beginner. Every pro was once an amateur’

Fulfill your responsibilities, but don’t disregard what you love to do. Life is too short to put off your actions for another day. As long what you do makes you happy and is not harmful to anyone else, go for it. You may or may not get a thunderous applause for what you do. But getting a single pat on the back, for doing what you love to do, will give you immense satisfaction.

Money v/s pure joy

Of course, we can’t give up our jobs or whatever we do for our livelihood. Who can deny that money is required for all our necessities and luxuries too?  But for me money is just a means to achieving a purpose. On the other hand, doing something that I love to do is absolute contentment.

Don’t let the nitty-gritty of your daily chores hold you back.  Take out time for what you love, gain more knowledge with regard to your skills, hone them up and follow your dreams. I am no expert and cannot guarantee you material benefits, but all I can say, loving what you do is definitely a gratifying thing.

Remember you can start working towards your dream whenever and however you wish, with or without external support. As long as the dream is alive in you, it can definitely be fulfilled, with enough efforts.

Fruition of your dreams needs your action. Don’t forget, your dreams are your prerogative and your responsibility.



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